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Speed, Realtime and Beyond - Part 1

Credit(s): 0.15 CEUs
Original Program Date: July 17, 2013
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Access: Available for 1 months after purchase
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    Do you want to work smarter and not harder?  Do you want to make more money and have more job security because you are able to provide (clean and usable) realtime feed to counsel?  This seminar will help you not only become a better reporter, but it will teach you how to have fun while you’re at it!


    Do you want to learn ways to write cleaner, faster, and with less strokes (without  having to memorize thousands of different briefs)?  Would you like to have some fun at your job again (instead of doing the same old thing day in and day out)?  Would you like to be less fatigued at the end of the day (even when your deponent was a geophysicist – speaking at 300 words a minute)?


    Once you start writing cleaner, your next challenging is to write realtime (to yourself and others).  Learn how to confidently provide realtime feed to counsel, whether you are using an iPad, netbook, or laptop computer.  Carry along your handy-dandy checklist of things to bring to a realtime deposition and have the knowledge to know why you need those things.  Learn how to get over the “realtime jitters” and conquer your realtime fear! 


    0.15 CEUs
    Lisa Knight, RPR, RMR, CRR

    Lisa Knight has been a reporter since 1984.  She began her court reporting career in the late 1980s - working as an Official in Arapahoe County District Court.  It was there where she was chosen to be one of two beta test sites for Stenograph’s brand-new software called Attorney’s Answer (good trivia question for sure).  She beta tested their Computer Integrated Courtroom software/hardware for three years before moving on to the United States Bankruptcy Court, where she would work for two years.  In 1994, she joined the freelance world and enjoyed working for two of the largest reporting firms in the Denver metro area. 


    Although there were a few international realtime assignments sprinkled here and there in her career, after raising a family and wanting something “more,” in 2008, she went it alone – offering her skills to court reporting firms big and small – mainly specializing in realtime reporting on an international level. 


    Lisa is proudly a member of the NCRA Grassroots Realtime Task Force (TRAIN), NCRA Technology Evaluation Committee, and the Realtime Systems Administrator Certification Committee.  She is a Registered Merit Reporter, Certified Realtime Reporter, Certified LiveNote Reporter, and Realtime Systems Administrator.  In her spare time, Lisa likes to walk her two Labrador retrievers and catch up on her sleep.



    Donna Urlaub, RPR, RMR, CRR

    Donna M. Urlaub, RMR, CRR, has been a court reporter for 44 years - 28 of those as a firm owner/working reporter.


    She is a member of ILCRA, NCRA, and STAR and has been a contributor to the JCR.


    On a dare from her business partner, Donna entered - and won - the Illinois speed contest in 1987 and has been hooked ever since.  At the National level, she perennially qualifies, having won the overall bronze medal four times. In 2011, she won gold medals in literary and legal; in 2012, gold in literary and testimony.  Four gold medals in two years; she just can't seem to get all three at the same time!


    At the State level, Donna has won both speed and realtime contests several times.


    Donna started out writing short - the Berry Horne theory, no long vowels, context based -- made the full circle to writing computer-compatible, a/k/a writing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g out, until one day the light bulb went off - or on, depending on how you look at it - and she's never looked back, sharing her writing theory with anyone who will listen:  If you write shorter, you will write cleaner, edit faster, and extend your work life through less wear and tear on your body.


    Donna is passionate about sharing her skill and knowledge with others and is eager to show you how less really is more.

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